Tank disposable and flexible placed in a shipping container 20 ‘for the transport of oil. The Flexitank is the combination of two tools: a shipping container of 20 ‘ISO (available from all ports and inland depots) and a flexible disposable tank of 24,000 liters capacity.

Flexitank The combined benefitsof a single shipment and avoids the disadvantages of ordinary means. Technology including a barrier to protect against the entry of oxygen and the oil contamination.

  • Minimum volume: 24,000 kg (52 900lbs) specifies whether the severity of <1
  • Maximum volume: 24,000 liters (63,000 gallons) specifies whether the severity of <1
  • Minimum weight: 24,000 kg (52 900lbs) specifies whether the severity of <1


Tolerance Max load capacity: / – 500 liters (against rated capacity)

Tank Type: Elimination (use one trip)

Tank material: Polyethylene linear low density.
Flexitank single layer thick.

Special features: Includes a barrier; re EVOH

Low Temperance product at load time: 0C

High Temperance product at load time: 60C

Max. Feed flow rate: 1000 liters min

Log Valve: Valve Standard: 3 male Camlock with butterfly

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